Our Services

Our broad range of home care services are provided by a stable staff of caring professionals.  Individual credentials vary from experienced caregivers to certified nurse's aides.  Each caregiver is oriented to your home before they work with you so you can be assured that they are familiar with your requirements and your home.  Our goal is to provide caring, professional service through staff that you find satisfactory.  We also firmly believe that our most valuable service to you is assisting you to maintain your independence.  While this is sometimes difficult given our service ethic, we endeavor to thoroughly support you in this effort.  Our specialties include working with people who have very limited or distant support networks and individuals with any stage of dementia.  Our services are available from 4 to 24 hours daily and include the following:

Assistance With Bathing and Grooming - We understand that a source of high anxiety is activity around the bathroom.  Baths, shampooing, drying and lotion should be sources of pleasure and relaxation.  We are especially careful to create an environment in the bathroom that provides you stress-less security and hygiene.

Meal Planning - Nutritious, well prepared meals are critical to your well being.  We are very careful to insure you receive regular meals and fluids prepared and presented the way you like them.  Our nurses consult with you in the development of your diet and will even provide the shopping should you desire.

Transportation - We will be pleased to assist you in getting to appointments, running errands or simply "getting out."  We can drive you in our car or yours.  Should you ask us to drive you or run errands using our car, there will be a mileage charge.

Housekeeping - We accept responsibility for as much of the operation of your home as you would like us to have.  We will insure that your home is clean, your linens are fresh and clean and your clothes are clean and stored as you direct.  The orderly, clean operation of your home is one of the most important services we provide.

Medication Reminders - Taking prescribed medications in a timely manner is critical to your health and well being.  We will fill your medication boxes, administer your medications, record the medications taken by you and when you took them and we will monitor your medication supplies to insure that you have sufficient backup to meet your needs. Because much of this activity is administered by our registered nurses, you will receive regular feedback on drug effectiveness from medical professionals.

Companionship - Having a good talk with a person you find interesting is sometimes the best part of a day.  We know this and pride ourselves on being able to engage you in conversation you find interesting and stimulating.  Knowing your background and interests is a very important part of our assessment process.  Because we have a large staff of caregivers, we are able to meet almost any requirement or interest.  Physics professors have proven to be somewhat difficult to satisfy.

Information and Referral Services - We try to maintain strong ties to our communities and always have an eye on how we can assist our clients in solving or averting problems.  Therefore, we often find ourselves providing guidance to services we do not provide but of which we have knowledge.  This service is particularly helpful to clients with family or support networks located some distance from western Massachusetts.

Respite Services - When relatives or friends are the primary caregivers they often need a much deserved break. We can easily be called upon to provide backup service while the primary caregiver is resting or taking a vacation. This is an excellent tool to avoid caregiver burnout or even caregiver breakdown.