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Service Payment Options

Comprehensive Home Care accepts a variety of payment options:

Private Pay (checks accepted)

Families often use savings and home equity through a reverse mortgage to pay for private care. Provided certain requirements are met, life insurance policies may be converted to cash and used for homecare.

Private Insurance

Commercial health insurance policies may include a home health care benefit covering services for short term needs.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is becoming an increasingly popular way for individuals to prepare for the eventual need for long term care. Many private long term policies cover personal care and other homecare services.

Certain Veteran’s Benefits

If you are a Veteran, and qualify for benefits, the services you receive will depend on your circumstances and your health needs. Best to contact your local Veteran Agent for information and guidance.


“After a long summer of illness, hospitalization, and nursing home it was wonderful to be home. Your service was caring, efficient, and most helpful.”

” Thank you again for coming to our rescue, for providing the care my parents required, and for being so accommodating about getting them to their appointments on time. With me out of town all day, your kind attention has been a godsend!”

” Thank you for all the good advice you gave me and my parents. This is a very difficult time for them and for me, and you could not have been more helpful and considerate of our needs.”

​” My family and I want to thank you so much for providing us with exceptional care for my father. Comprehensive Home Care’s staff was able to pull things together for us within hours of bringing our Dad home. We wanted our father to be at home surrounded by his loved ones during his last days. The caregivers were very professional, friendly and compassionate, You are a top notch agency and a heartfelt thank you for all your support during this difficult time.”

Lorina Nehring, LPN/MS/Geriatric Care Manager/Consultant

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